Wilfa and Jordan electric toothbrush

My second movie for Wilfa.

The last one was in collaboration with johannesl.se. This time I’ve done everything on my own. A lot of challenges and I’m very pleased with the final result.

This is again created with the Maya Octane combo, and I must say that Octane or any other GPU renderer is a must have for a project like this when working alone.

Rendertime is about 2 minutes per frame, most of that time went to actually loading meshes to the GPU. Actual render time were somewhere around 30-40 seconds per frame.

Koeningsegg CCX

This is from one of my latest personal projects.
Two renders of the Koeningsegg CCX.

Rendered in Maya with Octane



Koeningsegg CCX back Koeningsegg CCX Side


Splashes… Now with foam!

New video! added foam and some extra splash particles(not very visible due to vimeo only allowing 1 hd upload per week)
but anyways here it is, next step is meshing… then back to maya and octane!

Wilfa presisjon

This is a movie created for Wilfa. In collaboration with Johannes Lindqvist.

I’ve created all the fluid simulations and storyboard.

Simulations are created in realflow then imported into 3dsmax and rendered with Vray.

Whale playing in the ocean

Having some fun in realflow creating a short of a humpback whale playing in the ocean.

the setting will be a recording from some kind of expedition on a boat, icebergs in the background and a few shots on the whale in diffrent fun angles. Might add an underwater shot in the mix.

this is the first shot.

still need to add some foaming from the waves. And maybe some smaller ice chunks floating around in the water to make it a bit more intreresting.




Artist studio

A work in progress on an artist studio. There is still alot to add.






Porsche on rooftop

Created in Maya rendered with Octane.

The model of the Porsche is created by Johannes Lindqvist

Porsche Rooftop_kayze


Floating Girl

Floating girl was created in zbrush and rendered in Maya with Octane.



Honda Civic Type R

Sneak peak of my latest model, more to come later.

Picture made in Octane/Maya.